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Development Cooperation Policy

Development Cooperation has been an essential part of Papua New Guinea’s overall development efforts prior to achieving political independence in 1975. Papua New Guinea began as a dependent donor-recipient nation, and is now evolving into engaging in more strategic and coordinated development partnerships. This reflects a changing approach to how PNG is now applying development cooperation resources to support its development agenda. The inaugural 2015 PNG Development Cooperation Policy (PNG DCP) is therefore timely, as it takes into account potential changes to PNG’s development cooperation approach and the general development landscape.

Hon. Charles Able, MP
Minister - National Planning & Monitoring


The corporate business of the Department of National Planning and Monitoring is to ensure that the development pathway of the country is truly strategic with the reinforcement of the principles of responsible sustainable growth that is human centric focused and coupled with managing the country’s natural endowments responsibly.

Having the National Constitution in mind, the O’Neill - Dion Government crafted the National Strategy for Responsible Sustainable Development (StaRS) which contextualized the shift in the Government's approach to development. The Medium Term Development Plan 2 (2016–2017) embraces this paradigm shift through consolidated sector strategies that are operationalised through the annual budgets.

Importantly, the department is also tasked with the role of monitoring and reporting on outcomes of the Government development plans and policies.

As the Minister responsible for this Department, I invite you all to peruse the StaRS, the MTDP 2 and other strategic policies of the Government and be updated with reports, information and many other interesting events that this department will be undertaking throughout the year.
Hakaua Harry
Secretary - Department National Planning & Monitoring


It is a requirement of the O’Neill – Dion Government to monitor and report on the implementation and outcomes of the Government's development agendas.

This website will host the various development frameworks, mechanisms and processes that takes into account all aspects of development planning, resourcing and monitoring.

Please be informed that the organizational arrangements of the Department are to ensure that the development outcomes of the Government are widely communicated to the people of this country.

I encourage you all to get to know the roles and responsibilities of this Department, to read the reports it produces, find out about our development partner programs all on this one site and also ask questions on the Government’s development agendas.


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The proposed Papua New Guinea Planning Act, which we are presenting with this MTDP2, links the planning process to annual National Budgets through progressive MTDPs. The Bill establishes the National Planning Framework, the National Service Delivery Framework (NSDF) and the Policy Monitoring and Evaluation Framework.