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DAD PNG is currently being populated by Development Partners, until the database has been fully populated data from DAD PNG is not considered reliable. Visitors to DAD PNG will be notified when the data has been verified and validated, this is expected to be March 2010.

Papua New Guinea's management, planning and aid coordination systems are facing a huge growth in the volume of assistance being received and the number of organizations requiring coordination around the priorities articulated by the Government in the Medium Term Development Strategy.

In order to help align aid inflows with the priority needs the Department of National Planning and Monitoring has established DAD PNG, against the background of the recent local commitment of the Paris Declaration, DAD Papua New Guinea will be used to track regular development projects.

DAD PNG is an Aid Management Solution promoting good governance, public accountability and transparency. The information provided by the DAD PNG is supplied by the many donors and implementing partners assisting the development of PNG. The existence of the data and information in the DAD PNG is a form of social responsibility and accountability of all parties involved in the development of PNG, to the people of PNG and the international community. The Department of National Planning and Monitoring encourages all Development Partners and implementing partners to ensure that their data is current and accurate to enable the DAD PNG to provide you with a true and fair picture of development process of PNG. The reliability of DAD PNG output is, therefore, only as good as the quality and frequency of the data entered by the development partners, and consideration should be given to this when using DAD PNG.
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