Public Investment Program


This wing is responsible for all development programmes and the management of the outcomes through monitoring. Its major function divisions are Economic and Infrastructure, Social and Administration, and Development Monitoring & Evaluation.

The PIP Wing Ensures that all development interventions and investments are made in accordance with the Capital Investment process and guidelines. Specifically the Wing ensures that;

  • National Public investments adhere to the national development policies and strategic plans that are effectively monitored and evaluated.
  • Technical assistance is provided to sectoral agencies and sub-national levels go governments, to deliver on their development goals and aspirations in accordance with National, Sectoral, Provincial, District and LLG plans.
  • Coordinate and facilitate all international development assistance to PNG. Specifically the wing ensures that;
  • Aid programs are implemented in clear alignment with PNG's national development strategies, with high levels of harmonization, and managed to assure mutual accountability under our strong leadership
  • Monitor, evaluate and report on the progression of policies, plans, programmes, projects and activities on key Government initiatives against pre-determined targets. Specifically the department;
  • Tracks, monitors and evaluates the effectiveness and efficacy of development interventions across National Departments, Statutory Authorities, the Sub-National Governments and our development partners.
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