PNG Poverty Profile - Technical Report 2012

PNG Poverty Profile - Technical Report 2012

This poverty analysis is based on the Household Income and Expenditure Survey, conductedby the National Statistical Office of Papua New Guinea. The survey ran from June 2009 until January 2011, with interviews spread reasonably evenly over time (one-third in 2009 and two-thirds in 2010, with less than two percent in January 2011). It will herewith be referred to as the 2009/10 HIES. The consumption measurement part of the survey used a diary method, with each adult in the household asked to keep a 14-day record of all acquisitions (purchases,own-production, gifts and takings from stocks). A longer term recall (past month and past 12 months) was used for items not covered by the diaries, which were on an acquisition basis rather than a consumption basis (which affects estimates of service flows from durable goods and dwellings).



09 September 2016


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